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Welcome to the City of Nenana Documents Website!

The City of Nenana is a Home Rule City

Here are some definitions of a Home Rule City:

Must provide the service in accordance with AS 14.
Planning, Platting and Land Use Regulation
Must exercise the powers in accordance with AS 29.40.
Property Tax Powers
May tax up to 30 mills, except where a higher levy is necessary to avoid default on debt. Some home-rule charters require voter approval to authorize the levy of property taxes.
Sales Tax Powers
Rate of levy may be limited by charter. Requirements for voter approval may also be set by charter.
Other Powers Not Prohibited
Possess all legislative powers not prohibited by law or charter.
City Council or Assembly Composition and Apportionment
Determined by charter or ordinance.
Election and Term of Mayor
Determined by charter or ordinance.
Vote by Mayor
Determined by charter or ordinance.
Veto Power of the Mayor
Determined by charter or ordinance, except veto is not permitted of ordinance prohibiting posession of alcohol.
Power of Eminent Domain
Permitted by statute.
Ability to Attain Home-Rule Status
Already has home-rule status.

So you see that our Charter is very important and so are the City Ordinances and that is one of the reasons that this site was created.  We want you to know your rights as a community member and the job of the City.  You can view the City Ordinances and Charter in page City Documents.

We want you to know what is going on in your community.  You can view the City Council Meeting Minutes Here.City Council Minutes